Friday, November 28, 2008

I abhor hospitals

( Posted on 11/14/08 on the Endless Possibilities Blog)

So, on Wendesday, I had four seizures in less than 24 hours, lip numbness, a terrible migraine and ringing in my ears. Jared witnessed three of the seizures (I will write in the love blog when I am up to date with homework) and the fourth occurred outside of the er in front of a nurse and some EMTs...mortifying to say the least.

They admitted me into the hospital on Wednesday. They did a slew of test. The seizures showed up on none of the tests.

Then I got some news that I am not yet ready to share on here. I am still sitting with it. Only my close family and Jared know. When I am ready to write about it, I will. It isn't anything to worry about so, please, no one go into a panic. I just need time to process things.

A bunch of tests later...including the one I have written about twice...the one with the glue that always gets stuck in my hair took place. I forget the name of it. I am drained.
My heart was in bradycardia. I think it is always beating slow. They woke me up from sleep a few times to make sure I was ok.

I was discharged today. I just feel tired. I still have the ringing. I still have the numb lips. I still have the headaches.

But I have love.

I have the love of Jacob, who was super sweet with me after his nap.

I have the love of my incredible boyfriend. He is my amazing ear and my comforting embrace through this. He hears me complain. He hears my ups and downs through this all. His hugs provided me comfort. He was my ride home today. My sushi lunch date too because gluten free hospital food is even worse than normal hospital food.

I have the love of my awesome friends. Kelly came to visit my drug induced self in the hospital. I was on pain pills most of the time and she was there. She also came to visit today. Then there is Ashley who is also my ear. She has a medical background so she is giving me advice, thoughts and just being there.

And I have the love of family. I feel so blessed and surrounded with warmth. There were times during this where I felt dismal. I think the only one who heard this was Jared during one of my sedated rants.

I am glad to be home.

I missed a ton of homework. I had no internet and I felt so miserable while I was there, that I would have been unable to do it anyway. Tonight I spent most of the night looking at the screen.

Like I said, I will update the love blog soon. I have a new pic to post and some other stuff to write about.

Hope everyone else is doing well.

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