Friday, November 28, 2008


(Originally Published On 10/21/08 on the Endless Possibilities Blog)

If you have tried to find the gluten free menu from Olive Garden online it is pretty challenging. They recommend contacting Olive Garden directly...let me save you that step, I have the coveted gluten free menu in my possession!

  • Garden-Fresh Salad without croûtons
  • Caesar Salad without croûtons


  • Steak Toscano
  • Pork Filettino
  • Herb -Grilled Salmon
  • Mixed Grill
  • Mixed Grill (Chicken)
  • Children's Grilled Chicken
There you guys have it. You can always ask for the menu if you guys are there. This is the menu for Arizona, I am am not sure if it changes per state.


Anonymous said...

They also now have a gluten free penne pasta with marinara sauce

Anonymous said...

I went to Olive Garden, very excited about about the gluten free chicken dishes and salad dressings, but my food was seriously cross-contaminated. They warn on the menu that they can't guarantee no cross-contamination, which leads me to wonder why they bother having a gluten free menu in the first place. I have not been so sick after a meal at a restaurant in a long time. I will avoid going there in the future.