Friday, November 28, 2008

Gluten Free Goodness!

(Posted on the Endless Possibilities Blog on October 17, 2008)

My cravings have not been as intense since I have been implementing Stephanie's advice. I am trying to eat a little bit more carbs in my diet. This has been challenging since I don't really like the taste of products posing as my formerly favorite foods. But as my wise boyfriend says, "I have to try it to know if I like it." He is right, I am finding that there is a lot of gluten free foods that are really not that gross.

Last night I had pizza for dinner! My mom purchased these pizza crusts:

The only downer to this was that the package didnt come with cooking directions! Hello, how were we supposed to know the oven settings and time?

Then we put organic marinara sauce, cheese and some salami on the pizza!

Then this morning before my walk with Jacob, I decided to eat something other than my usual eggs or yogurt. I had a gluten free waffle with defrosted frozen strawberries, and a little sugar free syrup. It was really good!

It was the perfect breakfast before our walk! Jacob even enjoyed it!

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