Friday, November 28, 2008

Celebrating Grandma's 84th Birthday!

(Originally posted on the Endless Possibilities Blog on 7/26/08)

My Grandma's 84th birthday is on July 27th. She already has plans on her big day so we decided to go out tonight to celebrate. We went to Bobby's at Kirland Common's in Scottsdale.

We enjoyed a yummy dinner. A caution to anyone who has a wheat intolerance because they coat their fish in flour prior to cooking it. Luckily, I told them of my intolerance prior to ordering and I was able to enjoy my dinner with out getting sick

Grandma made a wish and blew out her candle.

Grandma with her perfume.

After dinner we decided to go up to the upper level. They have a bar area with live music. We took the elevator and my grandma got hit on! We were all laughing at it because it was so endearing! We later saw her Romeo dancing with his wife. This is the guy who was hitting on her:

The singer serenaded my sister. I captured it on video but for some reason the video feature on blogger wasn't working well tonight. So, here is a picture of it:

I think we all enjoyed tonight!

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