Friday, November 28, 2008

Yellow Corn Taco Dinner

(Originally posted on Endless Possibilities Blog on 6/23/08)

As you know, I am wheat intolerant. I cook dinner several times a week for my family and sometimes it can be challenging to find items that I can eat that taste good. It is pretty hit or miss.

My mom bought this taco mix the other day at Sprouts and I made it for dinner tonight. It was so good that I decided to post it on here. The box comes with almost all you need to make a yummy taco dinner. You just add the meat and the veggies and cheese. Pretty simple!

On another note, one of my best friends, Stephanie, has a blog dedicated to wheat free/gluten free living. Check out her blog for recipes and helpful advice. She is good about updating it and she is one awesome person.

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