Friday, November 28, 2008

Edward& Son's Organic Miso Soup

(Originally posted on the Endless Possibilities Blog on 9/11/08)

I was feeling creative today during Jacob's nap. I got some homework done, I blogged and I decided to make Jacob a small homemade pot pie with some chicken and veggies, which he loved. I also was looking forward to trying Edward & Son's Organic Miso Soup. It is gluten free (most packaged miso soups are not), only 35 calories per packet and easy because all I had to do was add boiling water.

I had wanted miso soup lately because I have gotten into it because I had been enjoying it at dinners with Jared but I had been getting sick after because it had gluten in it. This soup seemed promising. The box even said "Delicious Soup In Seconds!"...LIES!

I fed Jacob his pot pie, which he devoured and then I was pretty hungry for my lunch. I had boiled the water and I opened the pouch. I followed the simple directions and I anticipated miso soup heaven.

Not so! HORRID. I wouldn't try this product again. It was disgusting. This soup should be a Fear Factor challenge. I ended up eating tuna!

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