Friday, November 28, 2008

A relaxing day with Stephanie

(Originally Posted On 7/6/08 on the Endless Possibilities Blog)

This week I got to see a lot of great friends. I saw Kat on Tuesday night, Jacob and I spent Thursday with Kelly, Rosie and Ella came over yesterday for a play date and today, I spent with Stephanie!

Lunch was great. We went to Wildflower Bread Co and ate this yummy wheat free soup. We caught up on life and people watched!

It was a laid back afternoon. After lunch we walked the mall a bit and then we went for gelato at this place by my house.

Steph looking great at the gelato place!

Steph's Gelato:

After gelato we went to LeeLee's Market to pick up some gluten free items since we both try to steer clear of wheat (me) and gluten (her). LeeLee's always has interesting things to look at. They have items that I wouldn't even know how to cook or incorporate into a recipe.

I love LeeLee's because I can find items that I ate growing up from Argentina.

I totally enjoyed my day with Steph and I cant wait to see her again!

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