Friday, November 28, 2008

Woe Is Wheat

(Published on the Endless Possibilities Blog on 8/3/08)

Emily and I were talking on messenger last night. She told me to get on the yum sugar website and go on a scavenger hunt. She knows I hate yum sugar. I love all of the other sugars but yum sugar website focuses on food; food that I am mostly allergic to. She told me to find the newest food that I would be kicking myself in the proverbial balls over.

What the hell, I looked.

My mouth salivated, there it was...something totally new. Something cruel, fatty and totally covered in goodness. It was something that would make my intestines rupture in pain and my bowels ache for mercy with one bite...not worth it. Yum sugar is hell for someone like me. It is like porn for a priest...look but don't spank (please Catholics, no emails, just a bad joke. No harm. No blasphemy!)

Thats right, fried mac and cheese! I loved mac and cheese. I know that I can make gluten free mac but I just don't find it as good. Plus add the fried concept and it just seems more...hum..whats the word...artery clogging. Jack And The Box is adding this to their menu for you lucky people not allergic to this calorie laden delight. While you are eating this, I will be munching on my rice cracker!

Check out the rest of the info on it at : YUMSUGAR

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